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Features that the Pink River Dolphin Has

People take the pink dolphins as souls that can be melodious and those that can change their look this has been found in the pink dolphin facts . Most of the pink dolphin facts state that they are able to go to different places once they change their look without being hindered by anything for they can take any form they want, be it a woman or a man. There are some people who believe in the pink dolphin facts that the pink dolphins are able to change things like the weather . The pink dolphin facts states that, just like most of the dolphins, they are social and not afraid of any human being . People have a belief in the pink dolphin facts that the river dolphins were once human beings . The pink dolphins they are capable of moving their head from right to left unlike the normal dolphins.

These dolphins dont move very fast, because as they are moving, they are always looking for their next meal as it is in the pink dolphin fact . The pink river dolphin has the capability of turning its color from normal color to pink color. They change their colors according to their mood . They become bright in color when they are mostly happy. Most of the scientist who are studying about the dolphins find it hard to define where these animals get their color of pink. When the pink river dolphin is younger, they are always in gray color as they are aging tend to change their color into pink . The pink dolphin facts states that the dolphin lives a solitary life but that does not mean that they do not fight with other dolphins . When the pink river dolphin is changing color it might be a way of its habitation . As the pink river dolphin is growing old, their skin becomes lighter and one might see they look pink while the color is always the blood channels being seen . The pink dolphin fact states that most of the dolphins spend most of their times deep in the water . In case the water level decreases or increases in the pink river the dolphins will have to change their homes .

When it is raining heavily, the pink river dolphins will have to migrate up to the smaller rivers, because when the water level is high they can easily navigate . The pink river dolphin do always swim like pother dolphins and they rarely breath out of the water like ,most of the dolphins do and they do not have a dorsal fin with them making it harder to identify an individual dolphin. The pink river dolphin faces many problems when it comes to where they are staying, because most of the people are using the basin of the rivers .