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The Past Year has Witnessed an Increase of 54% for Global VPN Coverage

In 2019, International VPN use rose by 54 percent, according to a survey of Simon Migliano. The key drivers of this are the implementation of private virtual network technologies, the “invasion” of reliable VPN solutions in mobile spaces, and the ever increasing need for privacy and security. This is the second year in a row in which we can see that the use of VPN apps is increasing by over 50 percent, therefore the average Internet user is clearly looking for solutions to keep his or her rights of access.

Asian-Pacific region has reported the biggest growth per country, with a total of 188.4 million VPN downloads and a growth rate of 122%. Indonesia, with 75,5 million (111% growth), is the region where the most downloads have taken place. The US had 74.6 million downloads, with 17% growth. India had the most explosive growth, it enjoyed a 405% growth with 57 million downloads. Jordan, Kazakhstan, Algeria, Vietnam, Nigeria, and Egypt, with all oppressive governments and the need to unblock websites in restricted areas have further strengthened by their level of downloads.

84.3% of recent applications included free VPN software and only 15.7% were with paid licenses. TurboVPN, with 51,3 million downloads, was the most downloaded VPN solution in mobile space. The second with 42.8 million came from Hotspot Shield and 29.9 million from Betternet. ExpressVPN was among the premium Android services with 12 million installs, while NordVPN was second with 11.7 million new customers. On the iOS market, 6.9 million customers chose to buy Norton (by Symantec), while another 5.3 million bought cyberghost, while the third came with 4.4 million new subscriptions from McAphee Mobile Security.

We also previously warned you of the dangers of using Android free VPN applications, highlighting the fact that nearly 25 percent of them leak DNS. Although we are happy to see more and more people start to download and use VPNs, it is equally important to pick the right product; otherwise, you may fail to achieve what you supposed to reach, such as guaranteeing the security of your online activities.