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The Current Marijuana Laws in the US

It is clear that consumption of cannabis its product has affected the lives of the people to a great extent and so there have been claims that it gets banned to ensure a focused stated is developed. Many countries have declared cannabis a narcotic drug, and no one should be not only consuming them but also possession of anything that resembles it because the law will be too harsh on them. You should know that laws that govern the banning of marijuana have been brought down and so the components are now usable in many states of America because there are some health benefits that people experience. The states are led by some leaders who might differ in this marijuana agenda and that means you should know what all advocate for, to benefit the people living there. You can take a close look at the various states so that you can know the one with friendlier laws so that you can decide where to visit at a given moment. Therefore I will highlight some rules and regulations about cannabis in the various states in America.

To begin with, let us assess Alaska, and you notice that back in 2015, weed was allowed in the state, but there were some conditions in its usage, whereby, you are allowed to consume it but not to sell to the other people. If you want to smoke weed in Alaska, you must be of twenty-one years of age and above, and anyone below that is a lawbreaker and you might face it rough. The moment people were allowed to buy marijuana for personal use, some economic exploits were noticed, and they have led to the success of the state and America as a nation.

Another important state where weed is permitted in California, and it was among the first ones to do that, and so the laws are distinct and open because the people have mastered them. In California, weed content is determined so that no misuse or abuse will be experienced and so the users will only experience the healthy bits. When it comes to the growth laws, you realize that people are allowed to grow only six plants per household and only those above the age of twenty-one years as well are allowed to smoke.

Since the legalization of weed planting and consumption in Colorado in 2012, the laws are changing depending on the response from the consumers. Currently, you can now buy and sell marijuana without controversy.

In Maine, things are still closed, but there are hopes of it emulating Massachusetts. Massachusetts case is similar to that in Michigan, and so you can conveniently survive there whether you need marijuana for personal use or resale.