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Best Medical TV shows of all Time

You would be surprised to discover the number of people that are into medical TV shows, perhaps its how they combine action, drama, romance and a bit of mystery. There many medical TV shows right now that you will be spoiled for choice if you are looking for one to watch. In an effort to deal with being split between the choices you will most likely talk to people who have perspective on either of the shows you are looking to watch or resort to some online reviews which are well within reach. With the following medical shows you are sure to have a time of your life when it comes to entertainment.

General hospital has to be the longest airing shows of all time being on air for fifty six years now. In fact other medical shows that have seen success today can credit their launch to the existence of General Hospital. This medical TV show is more like a soap opera that has its setting in a hospital because there is a lot of fights, love triangles and drama. The staggering 14000 episodes that are out will have you doing a lot of binge watching. You also have Greys Anatomy if you are up to date with General hospital, you can binge watch this show as well if you have the time to kill. Greyss Anatomy happens to have a largely diverse cast that is bound to appeal to you if you like that. House is also one of the greatest medical TV shows to go on air, you are bound to love it if this is the perfect time for you to be binge watching. Despite Dr.House, the lead character, being the most unlikable character in real life he is favorite of many.

You are guaranteed to understand why this particular show has gone on to win the many nominations and awards. If you are looking for medical TV show that has drama the you will love to binge watch Childrens Hospital. Scrub will also appeal to you if you are looking for something that is light, unlike the TV shows that will be going deep into anatomy or be filled with romance , this one has a central bearing. Private practice is another medical show that came to air thanks to another great one, Greys Anatomy. This great one aired up to 2013 because it was cancelled . It is more drama than comedy so you can expect to have a little twist rather than laughter. The great thing about the choices is that they offer a lot of episodes which determine binge watching.

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