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Choosing between Being Clean-Shaven or Having a Beard

There are many people that are big fans of having beards while others are not really interested in having the same. Because this is going to affect your personal style, you have to be careful to make the best decision possible. Quite a number of the people in history have always had beards for example, Santa Claus. Trying to resemble such people can be an idea because of different influences but, its also good for you to have your own style that you have chosen because of your own personal reasons. This article is going to help you to understand more about these and how to make the best decision possible. When making this decision, you really have to be very critical about whether youll be attractive to other people. Having beards has always been associated with having ladies like you and therefore, thats one of the things you notice. When you have the small beards, it has been said that the ladies are going to like you more and they will find you to be quite attractive. While it is true, there is also quite another side that prefer to have men that have bigger beards.

As you probably see, there are many different studies that have been done and they have had different results and thats why it has to be a personal decision. Quite a number of men also prefer men that are clean-shaven. When thinking about having beards or not, you also have to think about the health implications of the decision youll be making. Being able to remove dead skin from your face is good and thats why, being clean-shaven can be one of the best ideas. In addition to that, quite a lot of research has shown that people prefer to be clean-shaven because they feel that it is healthier. The probabilities of getting bacteria on your skin are also going to be very high when you are clean-shaven and thats according to another research. According to research, that has been done on the area, youre going to have high probabilities of getting sick when you have a clean-shaven face.

You may also have to consider the fact that you have to do your grooming in the best way possible and this is going to take your time. You will have to do your clean-shaven everyday get rid of all the hair that may be growing apart from that, when you have beards, you also have to do proper maintenance are all times to keep that nice look, discover more. Another factor that you have to consider when making the decision is whether you are young or old because it can influence that.